What is Bridging Polarities through Art?

Bridging Polarities through Art, is a way of working with artistic mediums, which puts the emphasis on what one experiences through the process, rather than the end result. There is a deepening of awareness in which one's thinking does not override the process of creation and exploration. The mediums of clay, pastel, wet on wet painting, charcoal and drawing are used. We offer short courses( see noticeboard); as well as an in depth Facilitator Training over a 2 year period.(dates to be confirmed)

How Bridging Polarities came to South Africa
A deep desire by South Africans to use art as a healing tool, led to 3 art therapists and a music therapist from the Netherlands bringing their work to this country in 2002. They worked intensively to prepare the Training, bringing together the fruits of their combined years of experience. These 4 women came to meet 15 South African women. They taught them to discover and recover their own wisdom.

The first training came to an end with the words "Bridging Polarities through Art will flower….." This work has been carried into South Africa helping people to gain confidence and discover and recover their wisdom. The first South African run training was completed in 2008 with a group of 15 participants - facilitated by Ilana Rudolph-Hunter, Elaine Millin, Dru White and Andrea Raath. In 2012 a second Bridging Polarities Training was completed with 14 participants – facilitated by Ilana Rudolph-Hunter, Elaine Millin, Dru White and Christina Goodall (music). The third training was completed in 2020 with 15 participants.

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Artistic work creates moments of wonder and enthusiasm, of silence and feeling deeply connected

• Process art – this form of art facilitation places emphasis on the experience,
   rather than the end product
• Entering into an experience with the mediums encourages a deepening of self awareness;
   thinking does not override the process of creation and exploration
• Exploration through colour, light and dark and gestural form
• No art experience is necessary
• It is not art therapy

The Art Mediums:

• Chalk pastel and water paints – creating atmosphere with the colour moves one into a deeper
    part of the self
• Clay - working with gestural form starting from a meditative silence you explore the clay and
   feel the form developing in your hands
• Charcoal – entering into the dark and light
• Drawing – creating space and form

• Develops the skill of listening with an open mind and heart
• Enhances your understanding of your artwork and your patterns and themes
• Enables you to empathise and deepen your understanding of others work.

Music and movement:
What is is like to take up space or to be centred within yourself? It can give you wings and affect you deeply. Experience freedom while being in touch with yourself and, dancing, meet the other person. Life will flow.

Expression of the voice:
Let your voice be heard it is there and all you need to do is to let it come out. Let your body ring/sound. Give voice to what is within you. Breathing and moving we look for what lies hidden there.

Creative writing:
You spontaneously put something into words. Anything may inspire you: colour, nature, artwork, photos. From within words string together and surprise you as you read your own story. You realise that you express what is essential.