Do you wish to work with individuals or groups exploring a theme, or pattern, or new way of seeing ? This training will take you through a process of personal transformation and equip you to work with others on a similar journey.

Richly embedded with material that lends itself to personal and social transformation – the planetary soul types, biography work, development of consciousness through history of art, story as a metaphor for the souls journey, co-counselling skills and more, this is a training that offers depth and meaning personally and to your field of work.

This is an Anthroposophically based training in process art facilitation to work with adults for personal development. It is aimed at people who already are trained in a field of support or care such as social workers, psychologists, counsellors, teachers, art teachers,  and is also a possibility for anyone wishing to explore their own life in a deeper way.

It is an experiential training made up of 4 modules exploring the themes and techniques. The duration is 2 years (9 school terms) part time on Thursday evenings term time and 1 Saturday per term in Cape Town.

Contents of Modules:

Module 1
•  Experiential foundation of process orientated art
•  Exercises to familiarise participants with the artistic mediums and techniques.
•  Deepening the understanding of your artistic expression as a reflection of who you are.

Module 2
•  Through the exploration of planetary soul qualities, fairy tales and basic colour theory
    you make contact with your own life theme.
•  Artistic experience is deepened

Module 3
•  Understanding the development of human consciousness as it is reflected in the History of Art.
•  The creative exploration of each historical epoch is a mirror for the developmental stages in
    your own biography. These too are experienced creatively. more

Module 4
• Further practical preparation for working with Bridging Polarities
• Effectiveness of materials
• Creating exercises for case studies
• Deepening Inner Leadership

Homework during the training
• Projects will be given to practice and deepen experiences during
each module.
• It is suggested that you form small groups to work together to
exchange ideas and experiences to deepen and develop artistic techniques.

Music and Movement
• These help to create a wholeness and deepen the experiences on the training
• Finding your centre and boundaries
• Finding your own voice and your voice with others

• Develops the skill of listening with an open mind and heart
• Enhances your understanding of your artwork and your patterns and themes
• Enables you to empathise and deepen your understanding of others' work

Completion of the training
To be recognised as a Bridging Polarities through Art facilitator and listed on the website requires participants:

• To have completed all training requirements and have received Acknowledgment document.
• To implement this work as a facilitator during the following year for a minimum of 64 hours.

Who is this training aimed at?
• This training is for teachers, therapists, social workers and group facilitators; all those trained in fields assisting others.
• It is designed to enable participants to work with adults and offers the possibility of developing and adapting it into your field of training.

Benefits of the Bridging Polarities training:
• This artistic modality is an additional tool to use in your work situation; assisting integration in your clients (It is not an Art Therapy training).
• Assisting you to find clear vision and inner wisdom through creativity.
• Artistic expression allows us to make visible what is otherwise invisible. It invites us into the process of recognition, acceptance and transformation in an exciting, tangible way.

Format of the training:
This is a 2 year part time training. It is made up of 4 modules, taking place over 9 school terms.

   Thursday evenings 18.00 – 21.30
   1 Saturday per term 9.00 – 15.00

We are gathering names on a waiting list for a new training.

Applicants are requested to write a letter motivating their desire to do the course. Please include in your motivation letter:
Life Experience
Qualifications and training
Motivating desire to do the course
Your intentions with regard to implementing the work

Elaine Millin – +27 833929129
Ilana Rudolf-Hunter – +27 763967977
Dru White – +27 724326064

We will interview applicants and once participants are accepted onto the course there is a financial interview.

Bursaries are available

Refresher course:
This is for Bridging Polarities facilitators as an optional course to enrich and enliven the work.  Developing an understanding of the growing artist within yourself through the exploration of an individual Artist's biography and work.  Creating exercises around your personal theme