Bridging Polarities Foundation

The foundation is formed by a group of people who trained in Bridging Polarities and agreed to hold the impulse as given by the original Dutch trainers. They come together to keep alive the spirit of this work.

The Bridging Polarities Foundation will:

•   Work together to maintain the quality of the Bridging Polarities work in South Africa.
•   Act as a body through which new trainings, refresher courses, Leadership through Art courses
     can be screened.
•   Meet at least once a year to discuss issues related to the growth of Bridging Polarities work.

Members of the Bridging Polarities Foundation:

Dru White
Ilana Rudolf-Hunter
Elaine Millin
Mirjam Macleod
Yvonne Bruwer
Margaret Laubser more

Honorary members:
The Dutch therapists who founded the Bridging Polarities work in South Africa:
Marline de la Rive Box (Art Therapist)
Marlies te Witt (Music Therapist)
Ellen Landeweert (Art Therapist)
Grè Terpstra (Art Therapist)

Requirements of Facilitators:
A facilitator is someone who has completed the Bridging Polarities through Art training – has received an Acknowledgment of Completion – having fulfilled all course requirements.

Facilitators are trained to run short courses with adults in groups or individually.

People who have fulfilled all requirements and have practiced as a facilitator for 1 year (64 hours e.g. eight 2 hours sessions per term) will be listed on the Bridging Polarities website.

Requirements of Trainers:
Bridging Polarities facilitators who have facilitated groups for at least 3 years (192 hours e.g. eight 2 hour sessions per term for 3 years) can apply to the Bridging Polarities through Art Foundation Core Group if they wish to be involved in training people as Bridging Polarities facilitators.

Trainers need to have regular meetings with other Bridging Polarities through Art facilitators

A minimum of 3, preferably 4 facilitators are required to run a training, in order to provide variety, stimulation and the benefits of receiving input from facilitators with different strengths and backgrounds

All 1st time trainers running a training require supervision.