Private sessions:

Ilana Rudolph- Hunter
Touch Print workshops on Saturday morning.
+27 76 3967977

Dru White
Individual and group sessions, once every 3 week groups in Bridging Polarities taking place in Claremont
+27 724326064

Elaine Millin
Individual and group sessions in Muizenberg and on Zoom
+27 83 392 9129

Testimony to the Powerful Effect of Artistic Processes to Strengthen the Human Being in Soul and Spirit.
An article submitted by Ilana Rudolph-Hunter
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Short Courses

Ilana Rudolph-Hunter, Dru White and Elaine Millin have worked in association since participating in the Bridging Polarities through Art Training.

"This collaboration has borne fruit and developed in unexpected and varied ways. Through it their lives have changed, and this inspires their work with others. Combining their unique talents and experiences enriches what they have to offer."

They can bring these courses to any groups or organisations.

The Core Quadrant
A tool for self-empowerment created by Dutch Executive consultant Daniel Ofman ( This experiential course will enable participants to apply this tool to develop their core, innate strength; work with dynamics in relationships; and deepen understanding of reactions and responses to others.
3 x 2.5 hour sessions: chalk pastel, charcoal and clay

Create your own story
Stories hold the potential to heal, encourage and inspire. In this simple yet profound process, participants will experience a wide variety of enriching material.
3 x 2.5 hour sessions: chalk pastels, clay and creative writing

Inner Child
This experiential course will enable participants to access different qualities of the inner child - the Playful, the Wounded and the Spiritual Child. We will explore artistically aspects of the Inner Child, inspired by the CoBrA art movement formed in 1948. Their working method was based on spontaneity and experiment; drawing on the life bringing qualities of the child as an impulse of inspiration and renewal.
3 x 2.5 hour sessions: chalk pastels, clay and acrylic

The Hero Book
A structured narrative/art process, empowering participants to identify the strengths and challenges in their lives; and to give birth to the Hero within. Create your own HERO BOOK and equip yourself to take others through this process.
13 sessions.


To date these are the areas that have been enriched by Bridging Polarities through Art.

Ilana Rudolph-Hunter – Waldorf Remedial therapist. • Teacher enrichment and skills training. • Work with groundstaff, domestic workers in skills development • Work with Administration staff (communications development) • Adult self-development group • Death and Dying workshop • Working with children in crisis – trauma, emotional, behavioural and social problems using Bridging Polarities Art  • Bridging Polarities trainer and facilitator.

Elaine Millin – Teacher • Adult Self Development Groups • Art with Elderly • Mentoring and working with teachers • The Big Issue – Facilitator of Art and Writing programme for the vendors ( • Supporting counsellors of CASE who work in impoverished communities. Caring for the carers.( • Bridging Polarities trainer and facilitator.

Dru White – Design and Art • Individual and group sessions • Supporting counsellors of CASE who work in impoverished communities . Caring for the carers. • Bridging Polarities trainer and facilitator

Mirjam Macleod – Teacher • Ongoing adult groups • Work with psychiatric patients using Art • Working with Corporates exploring Vision Building and Relationship Skills.

Tanja Meyburg – Clinical psychologist. • Initiator and Trainer of Constellation Therapy in South Africa.

Andrea Raath – Counsellor • Prison project – connecting to Self.
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